It is the goal of Adam Swartz Puppets

-To entertain and educate as many people as possible

-To coordinate our efforts with as many like-minded people as possible

-To make the world a better place-safer, kinder, more understanding, more accepting, cleaner, happier, more thoughtful and creative.  That about sums it up!


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    "Imagination is more important than knowledge" - Einstein
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    "Groovy" summer library tour
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    Which one is Adam?
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    Guru, Adam, Jimmy, Kathy, and Alice
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    Interactive puppet shows
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    Four person dragon puppet for rent



-We are excited to announce that Adam Swartz Puppets will be involved with the CEEL after school program in the State College Area School District, starting September 4th.

- Looking for a unique internship, volunteer opportunity, learning enrichment or independent study experience?  High school or college students interested in visual art, performance, and working with children please contact us to learn more.