It is the goal of Adam Swartz Puppets

-To entertain and educate as many people as possible

-To coordinate our efforts with as many like-minded people as possible

-To make the world a better place-safer, kinder, more understanding, more accepting, cleaner, happier, more thoughtful and creative.  That about sums it up!


New Summer Library Show is up and running, powered by STEAM!

Help puppet and human characters in the Fix-It Shop as they use Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math to Build a Better World in this Steampunk-inspired adventure.

Check out our calendar to find the closest production of "Punky's Steamworks" or contact us to book a show!

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    "Imagination is more important than knowledge" - Einstein
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    "Groovy" summer library tour
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    Which one is Adam?
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    Guru, Adam, Jimmy, Kathy, and Alice
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    Four person dragon puppet for rent

"Punky's Steamworks" Summer Library Show 2017


-  SUMMER CAMPS 2017 registration is open!  Join us for "Art and Acting With Puppets" as well as 3 NEW camps, "Puppet Camp: the Musical", "Musikgarten", and "Camp Bill" the return of an area favorite in memory of Nittany Valley Shakespeare Company's Susan Riddiford Shedd.  Learn more here.

FULL SCHOLARSHIP ANNOUNCED for one week of "Camp Bill" from the family of Susan Riddiford Shedd!  Please contact us to learn more!  

- Want to be added to our listserve?  Want to get updates and news about shows, workshops, and camps for all ages?  Contact us and send us your email.

- Looking for a unique internship, volunteer opportunity, learning enrichment or independent study experience?  High school or college students interested in visual art, performance, and working with children please contact us to learn more.