It is the goal of Adam Swartz Puppets

-To entertain and educate as many people as possible

-To coordinate our efforts with as many like-minded people as possible

-To make the world a better place-safer, kinder, more understanding, more accepting, cleaner, happier, more thoughtful and creative.  That about sums it up!


Adam Swartz Puppets presents:

Charles Dickens's 

A Christmas Carol 

Marley was dead to begin with...But you can't keep a bad puppet down!  

Assist a passel of puppets and people performers in their efforts to reform Ebenezer Scrooge in time for Christmas.  Join us for our interactive adaptation of Dickens's classic holiday ghost story with silliness suitable for all ages (and not too scary for anyone.)

Check out our calendar to find the closest production of "A Christmas Carol" or contact us to book a show!

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"A Christmas Carol" at the Bellefonte Victorian Christmas, December 2016

"A Christmas Carol" at the Bellefonte Victorian Christmas, December 2016


- Calling all locals! We're launching a new series at the State Theatre in February: Sunday Afternoon Live.  This variety show will feature puppets and people from the community coming together once a month or so, for an afternoon of family fun.  There will be music, science, cooking, sports; you name it.  If someone in Happy Valley is doing something awesome, inquiring puppets want to know!  There are sponsorship opportunities for local businesses and a few spots available for featured guests.  Please contact us if you're interested and feel free to spread the word!  

- Thanks to everyone who made our 2017 SUMMER CAMPS a success!  Check out highlights from "Art and Acting With Puppets", "Puppet Camp: the Musical", "Musikgarten", and "Camp Bill"  here.

- Want to be added to our listserve?  Want to get updates and news about shows, workshops, and camps for all ages?  Contact us and send us your email.

- Looking for a unique internship, volunteer opportunity, learning enrichment or independent study experience?  High school or college students interested in visual art, performance, and working with children please contact us to learn more.