Sunday Afternoon Live

Sunday Afternoon Live with Adam Swartz Puppets

February 25th | 3:00 pm: Scott Mangene and Family
April 15th | 3:00 pm: Happy Valley Improv & Performing Arts School of Central Pennsylvania
May 20th | 3:00 pm: For Good
September 16th | 3:00 pm: The Health & Safety Show! Dr. Marks Dentistry, Gymnastics, Dance, “Captain Aesop’s All-Star Galaxy Games,” and more!
October 21st | 3:00 pm: 4-H Robotics, Cooking with Elaine Meder-Wilgus, “Punky’s Steamworks”
December 2nd | 3:00 pm: Matt Price Drumming, “Around the World in 5 Folktales”

For tickets, visit The State Theatre.

This variety show features puppets and people from the community coming together once a month or so, for an afternoon of family entertainment and education. There will be music, science, cooking, sports; you name it. If someone in Happy Valley is doing something awesome, inquiring puppets want to know!

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September 16th: The Health and Safety Show
Sponsored by Donald Marks Family Dentistry

Be a good sport with us in September!

Get ready to cheer for puppets from distant planets when Adam Swartz Puppets presents Captain Aesop’s All-Star Galaxy Games. Unique creatures put their strengths of mind and character to the test in a variety of cosmic challenges based on Aesop’s Fables. What’s the moral of the story?

That’s up to you to discover!

Refuel during intermission and come back for more star power with our guests!
We’ll meet some amazing athletes and real-life heroes from our community.
We’ll also see if we can get a few pointers on how to keep puppet teeth healthy from our sponsor, Dr. Mark’s Family Dentistry!

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October 21st: Centre County 4-H Robotics and
Cooking with Elaine Meder-Wilgus






We’ll become mad scientists in October, as Adam Swartz Puppets characters from Punky’s Steamworks Fix-It Shop join forces with a World Champion Robotics Team, a Local Celebrity Chef, and you, the audience, to see what we can create!

Centre County 4-H Robotics is a local STEM organization focused on education, teamwork, and real world innovation. CC4H Robotics believes that exposing a diverse group of kids to real world engineering challenges at an early age is critical in developing our next generation of innovators. Students participating in the club go way beyond classroom education in STEM into the hands-on world of design, manufacturing, and programming in the context of local and international robotics competitions.

Learn more about Centre County 4-H Robotics here:

Elaine Meder-Wilgus is the founder of Webster’s Bookstore Café in State College, Pa. She does cooking demonstrations and offers catering throughout the community. Elaine is interested in food that is healthy and safe for your body and the environment, as well as all of the people who work to bring it from the farm to your family.

Learn more about Elaine and Webster’s here:

December 2nd: Around the World in Five Folktales and Matt Price Drumming








Travel the globe without leaving your seat! December’s show celebrates some of the oldest traditions in the whole wide world: storytelling, puppetry, and drumming.

Adam Swartz Puppets will present five versions of a familiar story in as many theatrical styles. See if you can recognize this tale from China, Egypt, Ireland, Canada, and right here in Happy Valley. Discover the differences and similarities that make tales from many cultures both unique and unifying, as you work together to create a brand-new twist for an old-old tale.

After a popcorn break, we’ll be joined by drummer extraordinaire, Matt Price. We’ll learn all about Matt and we might even learn to play a drum or two or three or…

Matt graduated from Berkeley College of Music in 2009 and specializes in private and group lessons, drum circle facilitation, and band coaching. Matt is a fun and energetic educator that strives to inspire growth and creativity in all of his students. His unique approach to drumming offers students the ability to speak the language of rhythm and create their own voice on the drums.

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