Sunday Afternoon Live

Adam Swartz Puppets presents:

Sunday Afternoon Live

Featuring New Community Members Each Month!

February 25th | 3:00 pm: Scott Mangene and Family
April 15th | 3:00 pm: Happy Valley Improv & Performing Arts School of Central Pennsylvania
May 20th | 3:00 pm: For Good
September 16th | 3:00 pm
October 21st | 3:00 pm
December 2nd | 3:00 pm

For tickets, visit The State Theatre.

This variety show features puppets and people from the community coming together once a month or so, for an afternoon of family entertainment and education. There will be music, science, cooking, sports; you name it. If someone in Happy Valley is doing something awesome, inquiring puppets want to know!

Please join us for the first in our series of six Sunday Afternoon Live variety shows:

Webster’s Bookstore Café Presents:

Sunday Afternoon Live with Adam Swartz Puppets

featuring Scott Mangene and Family

During the first act of the February show, Adam Swartz Puppets will present an original, interactive story, “Alice and Jimmy’s Epic Rock Dream.”

Children and adults alike will be encouraged to join in the fun and work together with puppets Alice and Jimmy as they face their fears and realize their dreams. Our heroes will travel far from home and each other and encounter bullies, make new friends, and need lots of help from the audience along the way.

After the puppet show (and a popcorn break) we’ll interview our featured guests, Scott, Jack, and Maggie Mangene…with a puppet. This family does it all-they work, play sports, go to school, and they are all amazing musicians! So, naturally, they’ll play some music for us.

We’ll also have an opportunity for some audience members to share their own special talents, ask interview questions, and win some prizes.

Learn more about our February sponsor, Webster’s Bookstore Café, here: