Available Puppet Shows

Available Puppet Shows

Puppet Talent Show

Interact with many different puppets as they showcase a variety of talents, including magic, music, comedy, and storytelling.  The Talent Show is full of surprises and encourages creative audience participation.  You might learn something about your own specials talents, too!  The Puppet Talent Show can be easily adapted for a variety of venues and themes.

"Talent Show" Preview
Available Puppet Shows

Punky's Steamworks

Jack is working on an invention that will solve all of the world's problems while trying to run his great-great-great Grandma Punky's Fix-it Shop.  Join puppet and human characters for "S-t-e-a-m Punk" style fun as they use Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math in a story inspired by the likes of Mary Shelley, Jules Verne, HG Wells, and Lewis Carroll.  As Jack's faithful co-worker, Bucket, says, "There's never a dull moment at Punky's!" 

Punky's Steamworks Preview

A Christmas Carol

Marley was dead to begin with... but you can't keep a bad puppet down! Assist a passel of puppets and people performers in their efforts to reform Ebenezer Scrooge in time for Christmas.  This interactive adaptation of Charles Dickens's classic holiday ghost story features a variety of puppetry styles and silliness suitable for all ages (and is not too scary for anyone.)

A Christmas Carol preview
Available Puppet Shows

The Great Bug-tacular Game Show

Are you as busy as a bee?  Hard-working as an ant?  Are you an inspiring entomologist?  Do you want to know what an entomologist is?  Help puppet contestants and audience volunteers play a variety of exciting rounds of games about bugs.  Meet new friends and learn interesting bug facts.  Audience members will interact with Joe and his friends as they work together to play the game.

"Bug-tacular" Preview
Available Puppet Shows

Captain Aesop's All-Star Galaxy Games

Get ready to cheer for puppets from distant planets! Unique creatures and human characters exercise their bodies, minds, and feelings in a variety of cosmic challenges based on Aesop's Fables. Perseverance, sportsmanship, and imagination will be put to the test! What's the moral of the story? That's up to the audience to discover!

"Captain Aesop's All-Star Galaxy Games" preview
Available Puppet Shows

Alice and Jimmy's Epic Rock Dream

Children and adults alike will be encouraged to join in the fun and work together with puppets Alice and Jimmy as they face their fears and realize their dreams.  Our heroes will travel far from home and each other and encounter bullies, make new friends, and need lots of help from the audience along the way.  This show features a variety of musical styles and two original songs.

"Alice and Jimmy" Preview
Available Puppet Shows

Joe Flashlight and

the Mystery of the Missing Archeologist

Set off on an adventure to find a missing archeologist!  Leading the expedition is Joe Flashlight, puppet detective, who will use science and imagination to dig for clues, encounter new and different creatures, and need lots of help from the audience along the way. This noir-style story is sure to inspire creative and critical thinkers of all ages.

"Missing Archeologist" Preview
Available Puppet Shows

Heroes on Hand

Join forces with puppet superheroes to save the day!  The "Heroes on Hand" will need lots of help from the audience during their comic book inspired adventures.  This show features three different stories about friendship, citizenship, heroes and villains, and includes original music (there's even a puppet rap battle!)  "Heroes on Hand" celebrates different ways of helping and cooperating and brings out the hero in children and adults! 

"Heroes on Hand" preview
Available Puppet Shows

Around the World in Five Folktales

Travel around the world without leaving your seat!  Adam and friends will tell five different versions of a familiar story with a variety of puppetry styles, and lots of help from the audience.  See if you can recognize this tale from China, Egypt, Ireland, Canada, and right here where you live.  Discover the differences and similarities that make stories from many cultures both unique and unifying.  Audience members work together to create a brand-new twist for an old-old tale.

"Five Folktales" Preview
Available Puppet Shows

My Unbelievable Aquatic Adventure

Join hand puppets, shadow screen puppets, and stick puppets for an adventure on (and under) the high seas.  Johnny the Ex-Pirate makes his directorial debut with his original story starring Skip, only to be interrupted by an alien invasion!  Audience members help teach a visitor from another planet all about the importance of conserving water to save Johnny's production, not to mention planet Earth!

"Aquatic Adventure" Preview
Available Puppet Shows

Joe Flashlight

and the Case of the Taken Cake

Oh no!  A birthday cake is missing!  Help Detective Joe Flashlight and his clue-crunching computer, Silver Berry, solve the case. Audience members will interact with Joe and his friends as they look for clues and learn to consider all the facts before jumping to conclusions in this humorous story that sparks the imagination.

"Taken Cake" Preview
Available Puppet Shows

Billy and the Story Machine

Do you have a favorite fairy tale?  Do you like to make up your very own stories?  How many things can you use your imagination for?  Help Billy and the Story Machine create a fairy tale like you’ve never seen before.   Audience members will interact with Billy and his friends as they work together to bring a story to life.

"Story Machine" Preview
Available Puppet Shows

Camp Morningstar Variety Show

This special production was commissioned for a camp that helps children grieving the loss of a loved one.  Camp Morningstar generously agreed to allow Adam Swartz Puppets to perform this unique show for other venues.  This puppet show encourages healthy self-reflection, self-expression, memorial celebration and hope.  Please contact Adam for more details.

"I remember one year a child was scared and crying, you came around to the front with a puppet and let the kids see the puppet first. To intro a puppet, talk about how they move, how you build them..."

Molly A. Hetrick, Recreation Supervisor - Millbrook Marsh Nature Center